The man behind the brand – Deep Blue Sea Training

Mention Deep Blue Sea Training to folk in Mallorca and its likely they will smite their brow and break into song …. You know the jingle? It’s played repeatedly on Radio One Mallorca’s breakfast show… Love it or loathe it, you won’t forget the web address and you most likely remember the phone number too.

DBS Logo

I went along to meet Deep Blue Sea Training’s owner Tony Stanton at his Santa Catalina office, curious to find out more about the man behind the tune.  Boasting ‘UK Prices in the Med’ I want to know what inspired him to set up an RYA sea school in Mallorca, in what appears to be an already overcrowded market place.

Tony Stanton

Tony Stanton

The first thing that struck me, Tony is a serious professional. Knowing that he was the man behind that jingle, I half expected the offices to be a bit gimmicky and Tony to be a bit of a comedian. Not one bit of it; I could tell instantly this man is passionate about his craft and I was left in no doubt, he means business.

Born in Liverpool, about a mile across the Mersea, Tony grew up in an area where sailing, ferries and shipbuilding is in the DNA. Most locals were connected to the sea one way or another and the lucky ones went sailing in their spare time. Growing up with an awareness of tidal waters, dangerous seas and tales of fatalities, instilled in Tony a sense of fascination, respect and admiration in equal measure.

At age 18 when most of his friends joined the coast guard or ship building industry, Tony bucked the trend and went to University inland to study Economics and Statistics.

Marketing at Apple

Marketing at Apple

A 5 year career in marketing with Apple was followed by a few years singing in a rock band by night and racing his Honda RC30 by day. A chance conversation overheard put Tony firmly back in the marketing seat just as the Dotcom era was about to explode. A successful career ensued and provided enough money for Tony to follow his passion of boating.

Tony had previously secured a day skippers certificate in the Solent, undertaken in weather, which he recalled was particularly turbulent and very exciting. By now he was the proud owner of a beautiful boat, which he had moored in Mallorca because of its easy accessibility from the UK.
The thought of becoming an RYA trainer never crossed Tony’s mind, until some years later, his partner Sarah had designs on learning to sail and took a PBL2 course here in Mallorca; it wasn’t a positive experience.

RYA Training in Palma

RYA Training in Palma

Like many people looking to get qualified, he just booked and paid for a course without doing the research. €1,200 later they wondered what had gone wrong? Why had Sarah not enjoyed the course?

Seeing an opening in the market, Tony returned to the UK and booked himself onto every RYA course available back to back, which he passed with flying colours. With determination, passion and honed communication skills, it came as no surprise that Tony was soon offered a post as an instructor. Observing first hand how the schools in the UK did business, Tony clearly saw something, which in his opinion, was lacking in Mallorca.

Big Yachting Community in Mallorca

Yachting in Palma

Returning to Mallorca Tony dipped his toe into the Mallorcan RYA Training method having undertaken a Yachtmaster, after which he was offered some Powerboat work.

Tony felt that the RYA Training offered in Mallorca was all about making money, which strengthened his resolve that he could deliver a professional service at a better price. Drawing on his 27 years in marketing and communication, Deep Blue Sea Training opened its doors for business in 2014.

Deep Blue Sea Classroom

Deep Blue Sea Classroom

Fast forward one year and you will find Tony and his team of committed trainers instilling passion and professionalism into every student that pass through the doors. Deep Blue Sea Training is an RYA Sea School in Mallorca, which understands what is important to its customers. Doing things the British way, it offers high standards, fair prices and first class delivery. At Deep Blue Sea Training, it’s all about the experience for the students. The mantra is “Let’s learn how to do things the right way and enjoy the experience”.

Of course it’s never easy elbowing your way into a competitive market, but regardless of what its competitors are doing, Deep Blue Sea Training concentrates solely on its own business plan; teaching students to deal with difficult situations… after all, sailing is a serious matter.

There is no question of a student passing their ticket without the requisite level of competency – the responsibility educating students that one day will most likely captain a ship with passengers, weighs heavy and Deep Blue Sea Training takes the matter seriously.


Tony is making quite a name for himself and not only for that song! His school is popular with skippers of big sailing craft who have heard of his reputation and much of his time is spent teaching senior staff and future captains.

As I shook hands with Tony to leave I was impressed with what I’d seen and heard. He isn’t someone who has made a bit of money in a corporate life and wants to play around in a boat and he’s certainly not a crowd pleaser. His passion and professionalism are unquestionable. He shares common values with his staff and they strive to keep those out on the sea a little safer. He is a great ambassador for the industry.

If you would like more information about Deep Blue Sea Training weekly RYA courses please refer or call 971 902 100

Diane Hughes  – Independent Copywriter was talking to Tony Stanton – Palma de Mallorca: March 2015

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